Exploring Baguio: Steaks and Toppings

Going to Steaks and Toppings was completely out of the plan. We were walking along Session Road the afternoon we arrived in Baguio when we saw this restaurant, while driven with intense hunger from the 8-hour trip, we checked this out. It is located in Session Road, 2600 Baguio City, and it is a fast food chain that offer surprisingly low prices for steaks.

Milkshake : It disappointed me to find out that the milk used is probably just some powdered milk. Must be Nido or Bear Brand.

Porterhouse Steak : This looks like a hearty meal. However, I'm not sure how Marvin took the Steak and pancit combination. Haha!

Combo Meal of Pork Tenders and Pork Loins : The loins actually tastes great because it has a subtle sweetness to it (or was I just too hungry then),  while the tenders have the contrasting salt and pepper texture.

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