Exploring Baguio: Chalet Baguio Hotel

Planning is a crucial step to an amazing vacation. We have been choosing hotels to stay in since early November of 2012 just so we'd be secured with a place to stay in Baguio. We have chosen Chalet Baguio for reasons like the availability of rooms, the very affordable rates inspite of the peak season, and the vicinity of tourist spots we would love to visit. 

Chalet Baguio is located in Upper Military Cutoff Road, Baguio City Proper, Baguio. This is located near the Victory Liner Terminal and SM Baguio is walk-able from this hotel. However, this is a fairly new place that's why it is important that whenever you ride a taxi to be sure that you have an alternative pronounciation of Chalet as "tsa-let".

The lobby is quite quite small but looks very sophisticated and elegant for a hotel located in a province.

We were both amazed by the beautiful backdrop for the bed. This headboard looks most beautiful at night.

There wasn't much use for the TV when you are in a vacation, though it can serve well whenever you want to pass time.

You can easily ask the front desk for room service especially if you're staying there for more than a day. They would gladly clean and tidy up your room. They would also replace every used toiletries and towels you used the first day.

Dulcinea serves the complementary breakfast where you can choose from options like a Continental meal, several American meal combinations, and some Filipino favorites.

Continental Meal

These papaya slices taste good primarily because of the good climate it has grown in.

Filipino Meal- Egg and Tocino

Filipino Meal - Egg and Hotdogs

This was a let down though. I expected a good slice of Sansrival since this is a coffee and pastries shop, but to my dismay, it tasted less than I expected.

Overall, this is a good place to stay in if ever you're visiting Baguio. The hotel has an amazing staff who are accommodating even in the wee hours. The ambiance is just perfect after a long day going around Baguio and its tourist places. Lastly, reserving rooms are easy. We would recommend everyone to try this place out whenever you're in Baguio. (Oh! And don't forget to ask for a good view from your room.)

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