Kangaroo Jack

Just before a Thanksgiving gathering, we decided to food hunt at Robinsons Galleria. We ended up walking in on of the food lanes and saw Kangaroo Jack.

Chicken something
Shrimp Gambas
Their Shrimp Gambas is absolutely great - savory and spicy. We would highly recommend this dish to those who would be trying out Kangaroo Jack.

something Bulalo
Blunt. I personally ordered this one expecting it to be tasty. Perhaps, I have tasted Bulalo everywhere already and unconsciously set a certain standards. Apparently, this dish can only pride itself with its tenderness. Everything else, blunt. Not recommended.


Going to Jatujak was a fairly planned trip right down to the food we wanted to eat. We thought about different cuisines and ended up both wanting to try some Thai food. Jatujak offers a fairly cheap menu but doesn't slide back on the food quality and taste. The place also tries to reel in as much ambiance of how a Thai restaurant should be which adds a great deal of appeal to the customers.

Jatujak (pronounced as Chatuchak) is the largest food bazaar in Thailand.

Pad Thai
This was surprisingly appealing to my taste since it was my first time to try this out.

Bagoong Rice
A personal favorite! A must-try if you plan to visit Jatujak.

Vegetable and Tofu Curry
For a medium pot of curry, this is a fairly cheap choice yet you definitely get what you are paying for. Plus, this is a good option for health-conscious people.

Chicken Sate
It was okay, though I wouldn't say the best I've tasted yet. I believe there could be a better version of this.


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SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City