Exploring Baguio: Cafe by the Ruins

Cafe by the Ruins is a famous restaurant and is usually on the to-go list of every tourist going to Baguio. We figured out why when we saw the place..

The home-y feel of this cafe encapsulates the very laid-back life of the people in Baguio. The atmosphere is a very relax and contemplative place which is perfect if you simply want to get away from the hustle and bustles of the city life. If only this was closer to Manila..

Cafe by the Ruins obviously knows how to delicately dish all their plates. They are also try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in their dishes.

Spicy Bangus : Marvin had this dish. He was enthralled by the fresh and sumptuous Bangus since there are no nearby fresh water source where this fish can be caught. 

Carbonara : This was somehow a let down for me. There is a heavy cream content to the taste which didn't bring out the actual taste of Carbonara. It didn't have that good balance with the amazingly cured home-mad bacon on top. It simply turned out that the bacon was overpowering the actual dish. 

Focaccia : This is one of my favorite types of bread. I ordered it right away when I saw it on the menu. The texture of the bread was outstanding. Too bad, the Baguio wind immediately cooled my freshly baked bread .

Pan Au Chocolat : Now, welcome the best treat of the night! The Pan Au Chocolat is to die for! If only I have more gastronomical terms to describe the impeccable taste of the chocolate-filled bread.. This is a must try for everyone who included Cafe by the Ruins in their itinerary. 

For more inquiries:

25 Chuntug St, Rizal Park, Baguio

(074) 442 4010

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  1. I've visited this place way back 2005 pa and it's a great place to just chill out and relax. I've noticed na parang they got some refurbishment done - tama ba ako.