Blue Bunny: Pistachio Almond

Blue Bunny can be ranked amongst Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerry's because of it's creaminess and quality taste. Lucky us, there was a tub of this holy goodness in my flat. The pistachio and almond taste greatly complemented each other bringing out the richness of both flavors.
A tub costs 399, and I've only seen this product in SNR.
(A must try!)

Shrimp Alfredo Version 1

Shrimp Alfredo Version 1:
It is actually my first time to cook this. Apparently, I failed to follow my recipe because of unavailability of Parmesan cheese, half-and-half cream, and some kitchen tools. It is a bit salty. Really, just a bit. Texture-wise, it is definitely acceptable. General comment: needs improvements.
Cream of Mushroom with Mushroom Bits: 
Focaccia Bread:

Not highly recommended because of poor texture. It is crumbly and a tough. I forgot the brand of this one, though.

Yabu: The House of Katsu

Yabu: The House of Katsu. We ate at the branch located in Mall of Asia. Yabu promised to serve perfect quality of Katsu and they did not fail serving us with such. Apart from quality food, they also have a 20-minute serving policy. That is, food served beyond 20 minutes will be free of charge.

Katsu Sauce:
Yabu's Katsu Sauce is made by grinding black and white sesame seeds with the mortar and pestle and mixing it with the thick, flavorful sauce provided.

Tonkatsu Rosu Set (Php 355.00):
The Tonkatsu Set I ordered came along with unlimited Japanese rice, Miso soup, Bowl of fruits, and unlimited cabbage. Tonkatsu Rosu Set was a really good deal. The meat was cooked very well and tasted extravagant with the Katsu Sauce.
120 grams of Pork Loin. Compared to other deep-fried pork cutlets, Yabu's had a thin layer of crunchy breading and generous amount of tender meat. It was also less oily than what I expected.
Menchi Katsu Set (Php 350.00):

Japanese Rice with Sesame Seeds:
Miso Soup:
One of the best Miso Soups I ever tasted. 
Bowl of Fruits:
Too bad the watermelon was not sweet enough to count as a good dessert. 
House Blend Iced Tea (Php 95.00):
Their House Blend Iced Tea was very rich in flavor and felt thicker than the usual iced tea. 

With great food and fast service, you will definitely get more that what you paid for. This is a must try Japanese restaurant. If there is something else to improve on, they must expand to make their branch more spacious.

Zymurgy Cafe and Lounge

We were walking in random directions until we finally ended up in Zymurgy Cafe and Lounge.
It is a straightforward cafe for they do not seem to focus on providing good ambiance. Perhaps, they like to solely focus on the food that they serve.
Old School Burger (Php 185.00). Tasty! The entire meal served with potato chips is enough to fill a stomach. I just noticed that the patty has a dominating taste of black pepper. It may be overly spiced with it. If you do not like black pepper, you would not enjoy this.

Tuna Sandwich (Php 95.00). Plain tuna sandwich served with few cuts of cucumber.

Blueberry Cheesecake (Php 95.00). This meal, with its plating, seems too pretentious. The chocolate syrup did not match the entire dessert and the cream lacks cheesiness in it. Insipid and not recommended.
Overall, I think Zymurgy is a bit overpriced. Interestingly, Zymurgy offers liquors and as we were having our meal, a band of three started performing too. 

Zymurgy is located in Ma. Cristina BL Granja Street, 
Barangay V, Lucena City, Quezon
(42) 660 2515

Kamay ni Hesus

Kamay ni Jesus is located in Lucban, Quezon. It lies on the base of Mt. Banahaw and is deemed to be the coldest town in the entire Quezon province.
Kamay ni Jesus is another tourist spot not just because of the beautiful scenery and the rich culture mostly seen in the Pahiyas Festival, but also because of the church itself. The parish church is ran by Fr. Faller, one of the three healing priest in the Philippines anointed by the Vatican as truly blessed with divine hands.
The place also has a replica of Noah's Ark.

It was a great experience to climb those hundred steps with Marvin and Teena!

Buddy's Pancit Lucban

Lucena is not as provincial as it is thought of by many. It is industrialized too making fast food restaurants from Manila available here. To have perfect taste of Quezon Province, we decided to eat in a restaurant that originated from here. Buddy's Pancit Lucban it is!
Apart from very festive and colorful ambiance, Buddy's Pancit Lucban will definitely give you gastronomic satisfaction!
When we got there, the place was full. Obviously, it is a huge hit in Quezon Province.
It is like a hybrid of fast food and fine dining experience. You still have to fall in line and pay as you order at the counter which makes it fast food-life whereas, the arrangement of restaurant makes it  fine dining-like.
Baby Back Ribs (Php 155.00).
Sisig Pork with Egg (Php 135.00). This is one of the best Sisigs that I ever tasted. Very rich in flavor even without adding more liquid seasoning and calamansi. Additional points for such an interesting sizzling plate.

Pancit Lucban (Php 160.00). This one has a huge serving size good for two to three people assuming that they would be eating this alone. For us, we only managed to eat a quarter of it since we had rice meals to go with it. Pancit Lucban looks very festive with its colors. It was generously filled with ingredients that made it taste. 
Two thumbs up for this restaurant. Reasonable prices and exemplary ambiance.

Buddy's is located in it's hometown in Lucban, Quezon.
There are also branches in Tayabas, Lucena, Pasig, Quezon, and Makati City.

Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes

Quality rice meals and awesome desserts! Check out Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes!
Salpicao Rafael. Very rich in flavor. Must try!
Chicken Breast Parmigiano. Cheesy and saucy chicken dish. Must try!
Banoffee Pie. Vince's favorite. Must try!

Hallow Mallow S'mores Pie. This is my all-time favorite now! Must try!
No disappointing dish from what we have tried. We would recommend everything that we ordered. Banapple definitely serves good quality of food. Huge check for serving size, too. Everything above cost us Php 580.00.

Kaya Korean Restaurant

Looking for a Korean restaurant? Try Kaya! The first branch I tried was in Glorietta which I thought was their only branch. Apparently, there is another branch on the second level of Paseo Center.

Their branch in Glorietta is way better in terms of setup. Kaya in Paseo Center does not really have a good ambiance because it is exposed to passersby and the restaurant is almost completely open.

House Tea


Kalbi Jim (Korean Rib Beef Stew). Glorious! A must try from their menu!

Chulpan Sewu (Sizzling Garlic Shrimps). Apparently, this dish was served with really burnt garlic which made it taste really bitter rather than garlic-y.
We also ordered two cups of plain rice and one Green Mango shake. It was not the best Green Mango shake I have tasted. To sum up everything, we have spent Php 680.00 and left with a pretty much satisfied stomach. The serving size was small and did not fill my stomach that much.

Teriyaki Boy

Let's go get some Japanese food! Hai! Hai! Hai!


Creme Dori Tempura 
Amazing Japanese food. Yum!