Zymurgy Cafe and Lounge

We were walking in random directions until we finally ended up in Zymurgy Cafe and Lounge.
It is a straightforward cafe for they do not seem to focus on providing good ambiance. Perhaps, they like to solely focus on the food that they serve.
Old School Burger (Php 185.00). Tasty! The entire meal served with potato chips is enough to fill a stomach. I just noticed that the patty has a dominating taste of black pepper. It may be overly spiced with it. If you do not like black pepper, you would not enjoy this.

Tuna Sandwich (Php 95.00). Plain tuna sandwich served with few cuts of cucumber.

Blueberry Cheesecake (Php 95.00). This meal, with its plating, seems too pretentious. The chocolate syrup did not match the entire dessert and the cream lacks cheesiness in it. Insipid and not recommended.
Overall, I think Zymurgy is a bit overpriced. Interestingly, Zymurgy offers liquors and as we were having our meal, a band of three started performing too. 

Zymurgy is located in Ma. Cristina BL Granja Street, 
Barangay V, Lucena City, Quezon
(42) 660 2515

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