Kaya Korean Restaurant

Looking for a Korean restaurant? Try Kaya! The first branch I tried was in Glorietta which I thought was their only branch. Apparently, there is another branch on the second level of Paseo Center.

Their branch in Glorietta is way better in terms of setup. Kaya in Paseo Center does not really have a good ambiance because it is exposed to passersby and the restaurant is almost completely open.

House Tea


Kalbi Jim (Korean Rib Beef Stew). Glorious! A must try from their menu!

Chulpan Sewu (Sizzling Garlic Shrimps). Apparently, this dish was served with really burnt garlic which made it taste really bitter rather than garlic-y.
We also ordered two cups of plain rice and one Green Mango shake. It was not the best Green Mango shake I have tasted. To sum up everything, we have spent Php 680.00 and left with a pretty much satisfied stomach. The serving size was small and did not fill my stomach that much.

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